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Master student

Email: mozhou1092@gmail.com



2016 - present Master student, School of Physics, Northwest University


2011-2015 BS, School of Physics, Northwest University


Research interests

--Capillary forces between colloids

When drying interface (free surface of air-liquid) comes to the attachment with the colloids deposited onto the substrate, the numerous meniscus form at the interface. These menisci are dangerous to crack the deposit film by the accumulating stress. To better understand the stress formation in-situ, I am trying to construct a monolayer of colloids with the invasion of the air-liquid interface, and then demonstrate the aggregation and pattern formation of the colloids.


--Diffusion acorss the energy landscape

Colloids or biological objects such as bacteria moving in the solution is always subjected to the collision with the surrounding medium. To simplify, I am developing a periodic pillars as the potential barrier for the diffusion and drift of the colloidal particles, and understand the scattering, transport, stochastic behavior of the particles, as a scenery of transport in the atomic crystal structures.